Get it On

Get it On is supported by Umbrella

Film 1 Discussion Activities: 

  • Why does Zack feel under pressure to have sex before he is 16?
  • How could Zack deal with this situation?
  • What support do young people need to deal with peer pressure around these issues?

Film 2 Discussion Activities: 

  • Discuss Kaine and Paige’s relationship.
  • What do you think would be the best form of contraception for Kaine and Paige and why?
  • What does a healthy and respectful relationship look like to you?

Film 3 Discussion Activities: 

  • Do you think Zack’s Mum should have given him condoms?
  • How can parents / carers best support young people in their relationships and choices around sex?

Film 4 Discussion Activities: 

  • Do you think Emily and Zack are ready to have sex?
  • How do you think Emily should deal with this situation?
  • How could Zack have brought up the issue of sex differently?

Film 5 Discussion Activities: 

  • Is it possible that Kaine has chlamydia?
  • How could he get tested for chlamydia?
  • What do you think about Kaine trying to have sex when he knows he might have an infection?